• Wash hair the night before.
  • Wear clothing the same neckline as your dress if possible, or a low light coloured top.
  • Any photos you have of hair styles and make up that you like, would be good to have at the trial as it helps us to understand where you are coming from with the look that you are wanting to achieve. Also if you have any pictures of styles that you don’t like, bring them as well as it helps to see also what you don’t want.
  • Sometimes it is better to buy your headpiece after the trial so you can buy one to suit the hairstyle rather than the other way around. Hair accessories can be discussed or purchased at the trial.
  • It is also important to have eyebrow’s etc done for the trial as overgrown one’s will not show your eye make up at it’s best.
  • If you have any inquiries regarding colouring or conditioning treatments you can discuss these at your trial.

On the wedding day

  • Be on time or even a little early for your wedding day hair and make up appointment and have everyone there,ready to start at the appointed time.
  • Wear something that opens at the front and does not need to be taken over the head so that the hair style does not get damaged.( discuss with your dressmaker whether you can step into your wedding dress as putting it over your head could result in displacing your hairstyle)
  • Wash your hair the night before as this eliminates fly away or too soft hair and makes it more manageable.It is OK to use Mousse or Hairspray but absolutley NO straightening serum, as it works as a coating and makes the hair inflexible.
  • Shower or bath before the hairdresser arrives as steam or dampness are a hairdressers worst enemy.
  • If using fresh flowers it is advisable to have them arrive early so that the hairdresser can decorate the hair around them.
  • Ask your mum or bridesmaid to carry a powder, tissues lipstick, lip brush, comb & small hairspray for touchups throughout the day. It is crucial not to have a shine on the face as this translates on film to undesirable highlights.
  • Total Brides can provide all these items upon request.
  • Our Make Up artists recommend that everyone should have a face peel a few day’s prior to the wedding, as this removes dead skin cells and help the make up to retain a lovely fresh appearance. This can be done at your own therapy salon.
  • Make sure your hands and nails look really lovely as they will be on display throughout the day. If your budget allows, you could have a french polish or permanent french nails.
  • Please make sure kettle is on upon arrival as the team works better with some fuel……. (oh by the way, Brigid likes her tea stirred to the left as it leaves her feeling a little dizzy when stirred to the right)……
  • Check back regularly for any updated hints and tip’s that will help you on your wedding day.