It’s never too early if you have chosen the person you want. It only takes 1 other Bride to take your place. At Total Brides we have weddings booked up to and over 2 years in advance and in the Bridal Industry that is quite normal. If you miss out on your favorite you will always regret it as the next choice is your second choice and you could so easily have had your first …..
don’t delay‚Ķ.

Please note:
The person who does your trial will be the person on the wedding day,
however :
No-one can see into the future and accidents, deaths etc can happen, these circumstances are out of all our control. In this event another stylist is called in to do your wedding. All Total Brides hair & make up stylists have been trained together and work with each other regularly so they will be given your paperwork with all your trial details on it and photos taken at the trial so they can re-create the look you had at your trial. Given the on-location demands, we are all skilled at duplicating each other’s work.
If you have any questions or notice something we haven’t covered, please email us at