A ” Consultation” is the most essential part of the trial.
“What is the color scheme of the bridal party?” is probably one of the most important questions, also”What do you wear, in terms of make-up, on a daily basis?” though the girl in the magazine may have a “smokey look” that does not necessarily mean it will suit you….we will offer our thought’s on this to you, then it is your choice if you wish to proceed with it.
At Total Bride’s we believe make-up is very personal, because of this we need to know where you are coming from with your choice of colors etc.
Our stylists will also discuss options to help look after your skin to give it that ‘glow’ so you can look your best on the wedding day
We then chat about your hair.
We encourage our brides to bring in pictures of styles that they like. Whether it be from magazines, or the internet, pictures can give our stylist an idea of where you are coming from, how you envision you will look on your day If you can’t find something you like, then we have a book of hair styles (our portfolio’s) that you can go through to get some ideas.
If we don’t think a style will suit your hair type, or hold all day on the wedding day, we will let you know, as every Bride wants her hair to last. We can also recommend what you can do to help it along.
Our stylist will also recommend color’s, treatment’s to enhance your hair for the day.
We strongly recommend buying your headpiece AFTER the trial, it is much better to pick the hair
style and find a headpiece to suit rather than having to find a hairstyle to suit a headpiece. There are so many options and we have lot’s here to show you.

We then begin a full make-over –
From foundation matching, to contouring, to selecting eye shadow colours, to curling and styling.
When we are done, you critique the work and we keep changing it until you are completely satisfied. We document all the product used and take pictures. This way for your wedding day, we know what to deliver and you know exactly what to expect. It’s very important to be upfront and let us know if there is something you don’t like as we cannot know unless you tell us. Sometimes it’s only a matter of changing the lippy or making the hair a bit less curly for example.
We can change anything, but better that you change your mind before the wedding day, than to look back with regrets.

Please note….* Please be on time or even early for your appointment. We are By Appointment Only and we will not run someone else’s appointment behind because you are late, it is unfair on everybody. There is also a charge of $25.00 per service if 24 hours cancellation is not given. We are not a salon and only come to the studio for each booking.